The Inter-Church Council

   Acting as a channel for community outreach in promoting ecumenical cooperation, social, economic and racial justice, service to those in need and addressing public issues.



Volunteers are needed to provide groceries that can be used to make meals to serve the guests that come to the Extreme Weather Overflow Shelter at Sister Rose House. When the temperatures drop, the shelter is open and activated, volunteers are called and meals for 25 + are made with donated food.  Donations of staples like potatoes, rice, beans, frozen or canned vegetables, meat or poultry such as hams, turkeys, chicken and ground beef or turkey in 1-2 lb packages. Sister Rose Shelter has freezer and refrigerator space to store items ahead of when the shelter is opening. Volunteers interested in serving are needed as well.  

Thanking you in advance!    
Please contact Robin Muise, Volunteer Coordinator at if you are able to donate.
Celebrating 77 Years In Ministry
Greater New Bedford Suicide Prevention Coalition

The coalition’s mission is about building a network to save lives because every life is precious. We intend to raise awareness about suicides in our community, particularly youth suicides, and where to turn for help and resources.